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 Celebrity Collectors & Guest List

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 Roman Gabriel (Former QB For The L.A. Rams)


Cheryl Ladd (Star of Screen and Stage)

 Jimmy McNichol ( TV, Movies, and Rock Musican)

 Roy Firestone (National Sports Caster)

David Carradine & Maria Anderson (Stars of Movies & Television)

 Keith Carradine (Star of Movies & Television)

 Dennis Alexio (World Champion Heavy Weight Kick Boxer)

 Jason Scott Lee (Star of Disney's Movie )

"The Jungle Book"

 Screen Writer Steven Dorsch with wife Lauren (TV's Hit Serries "Bay Watch"

Biff Manard (Comedian & Comedy Writer for FOX Television ) Star of "Flash"

 Paul Sirmons (Assistant Director of "Quantum Leap, Sea Quest & Flipper)

 Ry Hay (One of the Original Writers for "Flipper")

 Gypsy Boots ( World's First Hippy and Former Regular Guest Star of "The Tonight Show")

 Blosom Galbiso (Founder of The POG & Milkcap Craze That Spread World Wide)

 Woodsy Owl ("Give A Hoot, Don't Polute")

 More Shows & Special Events

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 Eco Expo

 Honolulu Zoo


 Newport Seafest

 Lakeside Inn & Casino

 So Calif Marine Art Expo

 Hawaii International Art Expo

 Hawaii International Bed Race

 Hawaii Home Show