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Apollo is the World's Leading Environmental Artist

Apollo is One of the World's Leading Environmental Artists

Apollo's Paintings of Dolphins, Whales and Endangered Species have circled the World.

Apollo has always been focused on Creating Environmental Awareness......

Because of his special devotion to the Planet, Apollo was Chosen to be

the Featured Artist at the First "ECO EXPO" in 1991

dolphin paintings, tropical sunsets, paridise, florals, waterfalls


Apollo continues to work with several Non Profit and Environmental Organizations.

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All NEW 3D Cyber Images by the Artist Apollo

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View a few of the Recent Milestones in Apollo's Art and Career Below 





 Apollo and The 1972 Miami Dolphins



In 2002 Apollo's Art was chosen to commererate the 30th Anniversary of the 1972, 17-0 World

Champions, The Miami Dolphins. Apollo Donates Art for the Miami Project. The show was put on by Autographs to you. More Information , links and photos Soon.




Apollo's art in ChinaApollo goes to China 

We follow the footsteps (in Photos) of the Environmental Artist Apollo as he travels to China

and Teaches a course at The Jilin University of Art and Animation.

View Images of Apollo as he is given an Honorary Degree and made a Professor of the College


Travel with Apollo as he Travels to Shanghai, Beijing, and Teaches at the

Jilin University of Art and Animation, Changchun City

where he is given an Honorary Degree and made a Professor of the College.



The Art of Apollo

"Bridging Heaven And Earth"

National PBS Television Broadcast

with Apollo as their special guest.


View on U-Tube


Art Piece dedication"A Time For Peace"




"Creativity Your Birthright" written by Apollo



the artist Apollo with Artist Violett Parkhurst

Apollo along with "The Foundation for American Cultural Exchanges" and "Artists of America" are setting up an International Art Scholarship to Honor the Memory of World Renown Sea Scape Artist, and International Ambassador for the Arts Violet Parkhurst.

She has the honor of being the first American Artist to have their works collected by the Chinese president as well as four presidents of the United States. Apollo and Violet have been friends for several years and have done art shows together in Las Vegas, Ports O Call and in 2005 were both invited to have their art displayed at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in a show to honor famous living American Artists.

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Apollo is currently designing 5 Album Covers for an Inspirational Childrens Music Collection

Apollo will donate his royalties to a Non Profit fund to help Schools pay for materials for mural projects.



Apollo's paintings have been reproduced on several Phone Cards and collectors around the globe have cherished these Limited Edition Collectables. Apollo has done phone cards for (Mac Donalds 4 cards), Hawaii Phone Cards (2 cards), Hilton Waikaloa (Dolphin Days), Honolulu Zoo, and now his TWO Latest Images for AT&T Pre Paid Phone Cards Produced by Collector Magic


When Dolphis Dance

 The first Image show two dolphins as

they play and perform their underwater Ballet.

Only 250 in the Edition

The second Image is a 40Th Annaversery Limited

Edition Piece Celebrating Woodstock and

the LOVE Generation.

Contact Collectors Magic for details...


These two pieces are also be offered as

Limited edition Giclées on Canvas

Contact US for Info!


Abstractions of Peace and Love


Please Visit Apollo's YouTube Channel

With Several videos featuring Apollo's Art




More News Comming Soon!


Lots of Exciting Stuff!


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 This painting of Dolphins is not a wyland please do not confuse his work with Apollo's Art 

When Dolphins Dance

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    Whale Art and Dolphin Art  This painting of Whales is not a wyland please do not confuse his work with Apollo's Art.

    Humpback Lullaby

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     cartoon and character designs

    Apollo's Art Career started as a Cartoonist and Freelance

    Commercial Artist

    You can have your own window to other worlds

    Over 50 Beautiful Wall Murals From Apollo's Art including Paintings of Dolphins,

    Whales, Endangered Species, and Cyber Art

    are now available from Environmental Graphics Click Here!

    The Latest Happenings with the Art of Apollo

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    Apollo is one of the World's Leading Environmental Artists.

    Apollo started painting dolphins and whales when He first moved to Maui in 1980. Since that time he has developed a Worldwide Following and has had the privilege to work with several Environmental Groups to raise both funding and awareness. Click the about the artist  Apollo Button to find out more. Apollo's Art has been featured on his own website as well as others since 1995.

    Apollo's images of dolphins and whales have been used for promotions and products for Corporate Giants such as Mac Donald's (phone cards) , Pacific Life Mutual (Annual Report), Hilton Corp. (Dolphin Days), Crabtree publishing (Books on whales and dolphins), The  Miami Dolphins (30 th Anniversary 1972 Super Bowl Champs 17-0), plus more!

    Apollo literally paints with Love and one of his favorite loves when he is not painting is swimming with dolphins and sea turtles in the wild. Apollo's deepest desire is to help save the wild places of the world and the animals that exist there, a painting at a time.

    "Whales, Dolphins, Marine art, Endangered Species, Tropical Rain Forests, Waterfalls, Hawaiian, Space Art, Florals, Murals, Cartoons, Cyber art, Animations, Web Page Design, Custom Web Graphics, Logo Design, VRML, Product Licensing, Children's Books and more. Apollo is a true modern Renaissance man and a leader in the Environmental Art Movement"


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