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"The beauty of our planet should be held in respect as well as reverence and awe! As the care takers of this precious jewel called earth it is our duty to become more harmonious with our environment, for what we hold in our hands is a trust for future generations. What we do today, creates tomorrow." APOLLO

 Artist Profile


International Environmental Artist, Apollo, is best known for his Marine Life, Endangered Species, Endangered Habitat and Tropical Art. He combines the style of realism with a touch of animation. Apollo captures the essence of spirit in his subjects and reveals their beauty on canvas.


  • Newest Product Licensing

Companies world wide have found that licensing Apollo's Art not only enhances their products but actually helps in the marketing and sales. Apollo's work reproduces well in any medium. Apollo's art has been reproduced as Limited Edition Fine Art Prints, Posters, Note Cards, Puzzles, Beach Towels, Bed Linens, Phone Cards, T-Shirts, Gift Items, Yo-yos, Key chains, Magnets, Textiles and More.

  • Bumper Stickers

Several of Apollo"s Images have been chosen to create a line of about 25 Environmental Bumper Stickers to be distributed through large retail chains nationwide. Watch for these soon.

  • Air Fresheners

That's right soon you'll be able to have one of Apollo's Dolphins or whales hanging from your rear view mirror.

  • Prints on Demand

Brightcube , the creators of a new concept in art reproduction that is sweeping the nation, Print on Demand have chosen Apollo as their marine life artist. Now art clients can walk into an art shop or gallery and have one or several of Apollo's images printed on high quality art paper and canvas while they wait. The company is building an entire marine art category around Apollo's art. These prints are to be marked worldwide.

  • New T-Shirt Line

Apollo has recently signed a deal with one of the worlds leading T-Shirt company to develop a line of shirts from Apollo's images to be distributed Worldwide.


New Products Produced by The Art of Apollo

The Art of Apollo inc. is proud to announce a new line of tile related products.

  • Tile Murals
  • Beautiful wooden boxes with Apollo's images inlaid on tile
  • Large Tile waterfalls with Apollo's art on the tiles. These can be custom produced as large as you like. Imagine a beautiful Apollo image with water cascading over the surface.


  • Apollo announces four new signed and numbered limited edition geclee's on canvas


Flight of the Sea Turtle


Orcas Rising


Leap of Freedom



  • Apollo announces the release of a new series of 4ft by 8ft mural sized originals that will be released as full sized signed and numbered limited editions to be marketed worldwide. The first in the series is titled "Hiking Through Hana". This piece transports you into the mystical tropical rain forest of Maui. Additional pieces will be created including the Grand Canyon and an Undersea piece with reef fish and dolphins.


"Hiking Through Hana"

4 FT X 8 FT

Painting in Progress


  • In The News


  • The Maimi Dolphins 30th Anniversery of the World Champion 1972 Undefeated 17 and 0 Miami Team. The highlight of the evening was the unveiling of a spectacular original work by leading environmental artist Apollo. A giclee of his painting depicting 12 dolphins entitled "Dolphins by the Dozen" was personally autographed by each of the 1972 Dolphins on hand. The dozen mammals represent the 11-man team and its coach. Apollo's piece was selected by to bring additional attention to the event and the Miami Project. The one of a kind autographed work will be auctioned on
    Ebay with all proceeds going to the charity.
  • The night rocked as a stream of celebrities from both sports and entertainment arrived in their limousines strolled down the red carpet as they entered South Beaches hottest nightclub. With Spot Lights streaking acrossthe night sky, and the assembled media it was reminesiant of a Hollywood Premier. As celebrities entered they were greeted by our special guest celebrity Artist Apollo and his beautiful painting "Dolphins by the Dozen" as well as two other original paintings by the artist. Click here to see event photos.

    • Round Table Pizzas of Lake Tahoe recently comissioned Apollo to paint murals in one of it's south shore locations. Apollo transformed walls of plaster into a castle complete with dragon and and the wizzard Merlin.


    • Caesars Lake Tahoe Comissioned Apollo to Design a Logo and paint murals on the walls and ceiling in what has become one of the hottest destinations on the south shore of Lake Tahoe in Stateline Nevada (Stone Street Bar & Gril)


  • Pacific Life Mutual has joined the ranks of the corp giant Mac Donalds and has licensed two of Apollo's images that have been reproduced in their annual report as well as their website.

    • Crabtree Publishing is currently has used several of Apollo's images in four new books about whales and dolphins. These are educational books that will be distributed through school and public libraries.


    • Hawaiian Plantation House located in Las Vegas Nv recently commissioned Apollo to do murals throughout the restaurant. Apollo's murals transports their clients to the look and feel of the islands.


    • Las Vegas in 3D. Apollo has been working with the Gibson Twins (the designers that fabricated the Star Trek Adventure at the Hilton Resort Casino in Las Vegas. They have created a 20 ft curved wall that looks like the Vegas valley. The strip casinos are actually 3D miniatures just like in the movies. Apollo has painted this convention backdrop so that it changes from sunset to night with all the stars and lights in the valley.


    • Charro. Apollo has recently helped the Gibson twins design palm trees that will be used in Charro's stage production at the Sahara in Las Vegas



    • Poet of the Year. Apollo was honored when his poem "The Christmas Spirit" was picked up for publication in a hard bound copulation poetry book titled "Clouds Across the Stars". His poem then won him honors as "International Poet of Merit" for 2002 as well as a nomination for Poet of the year by The International Poets Society.


    Apollo is always creating and using his artistic talents to capture the world's beauty in all its forms. His objective is to stimulate our awareness of the natural world around us and to help all creatures and environments in need of assistance.

    Licensing Information For Apollo's Art

    If you would like to see Apollo's Art on your products or have any questions, please contact:

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    PHONE (760-985-6952)

     The Art of Apollo

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