The creative abilities of the mind are unlimited. Whatever we can conceive we can achieve. Now there are tools to help you explore the possibilities.

Throughout the Ages Mankind has searched for ways to expand awareness and increase the power of the Creative Mind. We have tried everything at our disposal from powerful hallucinogens to meditation to sensory deprivation. I would like to share with you one of the most powerful, enlightening, thought provoking and Creative Enhancing technologies I have ever experienced. I call it "The Mind Machine". Through a combination of light and sound these devices help you to explore the Universe and enhance your Creativity. Best of all it is a Drug Free Environment you can experience whenever and wherever you want. I am not normally a promoter of products or an endorser of technologies but in this case I make an exception. I was fortunate enough to be envolved in the very earl testing stages in the mid 1970's and I have used a commercial version of the mind machine since 1989. I can't recommend something that I don't fully believe in or use myself. Once you've experienced this technology you'll recommend it as well.


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Below is a personal message from Apollo to you


"Creativity Your Birthright"

There's a creative force in the universe from which all things originate. Every aspect of creation is interwoven. Things which we see as separate and individual are all connected. Even the space between the spaces is alive with the vibrating life-force of God.

God continues to create and anything that can be conceived in the mind of man already exists in the realms of God, otherwise, we couldn't even think of it. At the same time, we are apprentice creators, not only in the arts but in every aspect of this reality we call life, for even our thoughts create.

God bathes us with enormous amounts of creative energy but it's up to us as to how we direct it. We create our own reality moment to moment. The combination of everyone's creations form the fabric of life in which we exist. As individuals we are accountable for our actions and our creations. We are not victims, we have a choice. Creative energy is raw and malleable. It's up to us whether we direct it in positive or negative ways. The more we use it in a positive manner, the more we receive. Whether we're pounding a nail or creating a symphony, it's all creative and it's all God. When we create with love we become a witness and a willing host for the Holy Spirit. We enter a space where our thoughts, our words and our actions are guided from above.

God is the Master Creator and we are his children. As his children it is our birthright and our responsibility to be creative.

So let's all get our thoughts and actions together and create a better world. It starts with us.


By: Apollo ©