Here are just a few of the Testimonials we have received from around the world.

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Just wanted to tell you I love your page, I am currently living in New Mexico and there is no water anywhere around here at least not any to speak of. Anyway I love dolphins and whales and would cover my walls with your work if I could.

Shelly A.- New Mexico

I had a look at your web site and couldn't take my eyes of the Marine's 1 and 2. I suppose it will always remain - a dream to have one of your dolphin paintings......

Never stop painting dolphins.

Barbara- South Africa

These pictures are absolutely lovely!

Signed: Love For Animals - USA

Dear Apollo,
This is just a brief note to let you know that your artwork is brilliant. You capture the ocean, space and whatever else you do real well. I'm using one of your pieces to do an appraisal for my school art folio. I'm only 15, but your work goes off.

Liam W. - Queensland, Australia

I am truly impressed. I have never seen such a wonderful collection of beautiful and detailed pictures anywhere. Thank you for allowing your art for viewing.

Thank you.
Amanda - USA

I have viewed your artwork and was very impressed.

Jim - USA

RE:The Guardian of the Sea.

Please send info on this to us . It is the best picture I have seen in a long time.

Congrates to the Artist
Name witheld - USA

Thanks for sharing your beautiful art!

Atmara C. - USA

To Whom It May Concern:
These painting are beautiful. The animal ones are my favorite.

Thank you,

Elisa L. - USA

Dear Apollo,
I have never bought real art before, but Reminds me of Kaui painting really
strikes me. How much does something like this cost? Looking forward to your

Genevieve _ USA

P.S. your work is beautiful!