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"The beauty of our planet should be held in respect as well as reverence and awe! As the care takers of this precious jewel called Earth it is our duty to become more harmonious with our environment, for what we hold in our hands is a trust for future generations. What we do today, creates tomorrow." APOLLO

About the Artist

Internationally Renowned Environmental Artist. Apollo is one of the World's Leading Environmental Artists. Apollo started painting dolphins and whales when He first moved to Maui in 1980. Since that time he has developed a Worldwide Following and has had the privilege to work with several Environmental Groups to raise both funding and awareness.

Apollo, is best known for his Marine Life, Endangered Species, Endangered Habitat and Tropical Art. He combines the style of realism with a touch of animation. Apollo captures the essence of spirit in his subjects and reveals their beauty on canvas.

Working with Environmental Groups and Social Charities to raise money and awareness, Apollo feels it is a responsibility and a motivating factor in all his work. Among the organizations receiving Apollo's artistic contributions are;

  • Center For Marine Conservation
  • Jerry Lewis Telethon
  • American Heart Association
  • Honolulu Zoological Society
  • American Oceans Campaign
  • Ronald McDonald House
  • The Nature Center, HI
  • Dolphin Quest
  • Sierra Club
  • Earthtrust
  • Earth Island
  • Soroptimist International
  • Shriners Children's Hospitals
  • Goodwill Industries
  • Honolulu International Bedrace
  • Big Brothers of America
  • Easter Seals


Apollo was born in Southern California into an artistic and encouraging family. His father was a painter. From him, Apollo learned the art of mixing color and working with textures. His mother was an electrical engineer. She worked on projects for the NASA space programs of Mercury, Gemini and Apollo. She is also a world class professional ceramicist winning many awards for her works. During his childhood, Apollo's parents worked at the original Disneyland. His father worked on the creation of several murals at Fantasy Land. His mother helped design and create the miniature city display at the GE House of Progress and also did the electronic circuitry for It's A Small World.

Early in his career, Apollo gained a fine reputation as an illustrator, commercial artist, designer and cartoonist. He had a weekly comic strip with a local newspaper. At one time he owned a custom fashion boutique in Lake Tahoe where he designed a variety of clothing, including dresses, jackets and T-Shirts. Many of his clients were well known celebrities, such as, Liberace, Mac Davis, Rip Taylor, Sammy Davis Jr., Willie Nelson, Cher and Mike Love of the Beach Boys.

A fixture in the Maui art scene scince 1980, Apollo gained a deep appreciation and understanding of the marine environment through constant interaction with the ocean and its creatures. While not engaged in his first loves of snorkeling, free diving, and of course, painting, Apollo could be found hiking the rain forests throughout the islands.

Apollo has always made a living creatively. His artwork has been reproduced on a variety of products including phone cards, t- shirts, note cards, coffee cups, puzzles, mouse pads, yo-yo's, posters, collectible milk caps, key chains, magnets, business logos, clothing logos, posters and limited edition fine art prints. Apollo's artwork has been licensed by such companies as Mac Donalds, Pacific Life Mutual,Crabtree Publishing, Hilton Corp., Ceasars Resort Casino, the Miami Dolphins and more.


Apollo designed a painting depicting the animals of the African Savanna at the Honolulu Zoo and donnted the image rights to the Honolulu Zoological Society. This special painting entitled Wild In Paradise, has beenused on a variety of products to raised funds for the Zoo.


Apollo has participated in numerous one man art shows as well as many group exhibit with other fine artists. The short list includes;

  • Marine Art Expo, CA
  • Newport Seafest, CA
  • Michaels Galleries, CA
  • Off The Wall Gallery, CA
  • Lahaina Art Society, Maui, HI
  • Dyansen Galleries of New York
  • Endangered Species Gallery, HI
  • Hawaii Collector's Exposition
  • Hawaii Art Expo
  • Center Art Gallery, HI
  • Coast Gallery, HI
  • Art Encounters , Las Vegas, NV
  • Sculptures, Art, Las Vegas, NV
  • Art Expo
  • Black Pearl Gallery, Marriott , Lake Tahoe
  • Tahoe Fine Art, Harvey's Casino, NV
  • LaFuer Gallery, Beverly Hills, CA
  • Eco Expo, CA
  • Lakeside Inn and Casino, NV
  • Shelton Fine Arts, Bend, OR
  • Hawaii Prince Hotel, HI
  • Fine Line Gallery, NV
  • Sierra Galleries, CA
  • Return To Paradise, HI
  • Pacific Island Arts, HI
  • Art Gallery International, CA
  • Hawaii Prince Hotel, HI
  • Island Art Gallrey, HI
  • Mandalay Bay Resort, Las Vegas, NV
  • Laguna Spas, Las Vegas, NV
  • Hawaii Home Show
  • Ronald Reagan Presidential Library
  • Parkhurst Fine Art, Ports-O-Call, Ca
  • Maimi Dolphins 30th Annaversery of the
  • 1972 Undefeated Team


Apollo's current creative ventures include the writing and illustrating of children's books where he hopes to bring an environmental and social message to children of all ages.


Apollo is always creating and using his artistic talents to capture the world's beauty in all its forms. His objective is to stimulate our awareness of the natural world around us and to help all creatures and environments in need of assistance.

Licensing Information For Apollo's Art

If you would like to see Apollo's Art on your products, please contact:


The Art of Apollo


PHONE (760-985-6952)

To see more of Apollo's Art VISIT ApolloWorldGalleries.com


Emailto: apollo@apollo-aloha.com