Along with The Foundation For American Cultural Exchanges ..........

We are happy to announce the formulation of an International Art Scholaship to Honor the Memory of Violet Parkhurst Internationaly Renown Artist...............

Thank you Violet for making the the World a better place..............


 "World Renowned Marine Artist Violet Kinney Parkhurst "

passed away Sunday January 13, 2008

in San Pedro, California.

We are setting up an International Art Scholarship to honor the Memory of World Renown Sea Scape Artist, and International Ambassador for the Arts Violet Parkhurst. She has the honor of being the first American Artist to have their works collected by the Chinese president as well as four presidents of the United States.

This is the Artist Apollo . Violet was a Dear friend, as well as an Artist befitting the title Master. As for me Violet was more than a dear friend, we shared a lot in common besides being artists, we had a lot of common interests especially when it comes to saving the Oceans and Animals. This is my way of saying thank you Violet for being in my life as mentor, advisor, and a crusader for animals.
Apollo and Violet have been friends for several years and have done art shows together in Las Vegas, Ports o Call and in 2005 were both invited to have their art displayed at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in a show to honor famous living American Artists.


"We miss you dearly my friend." Apollo