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The Artist Apollo has just returned from an exciting six week tour in China.

We follow the footsteps of the Environmental Artist Apollo as he travels to China and acts on several opportunities to further expand his Creative Works worldwide.Western art in China as well as Chinese Art being presented here in the U.S is creating a cultural bridge helping to lead to understanding and the appreciation of cultural diversity through the arts. Apollo was invited by F.A.C.E. (the Foundation for American Cultural Exchanges) to appear as a special guest instructor and lecturer at the Jilin University of Art and Animation located in Northern China and only about 75 miles or so from the boarder with North Korea. Apollo was invited based on his career accomplishments and contributions as an Artist to the Arts. Mary Stewart of F.A.C.E. was introduced to Apollo through a long time friend and colleague, fellow artist Violet Parkhurst. Violet has the honor of being the first American Artist to have their works collected by the Chinese president as well as four presidents of the United States. She is the World's leading female Marine Artist. Apollo and Violet have done art shows together in Las Vegas, Ports O Call and in 2005 were both featured artists in a show to honor famous living American Artists. Their art was displayed at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. Apollo has felt honored by Violet's friendship and mentorship.

"An American Artist in China"

Apollo had a sophmore class of 36 very talented students.

   Photos Jilin University of the Arts and Animation_ Changchun City_ Vol 1


Photos Jilin University of the Arts and Animation_ Changchun City_ Vol 2