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All of the artwork on this site is created by One Artist. He goes by one name , APOLLO
Apollo is One of the World's Leading Environmental Artists


"Mission Statement "

"The beauty of our planet should be held in respect as well as reverence and awe! As the caretakers of this precious jewel called Earth,
it is our duty to become more harmonious with our environment; for what we hold in our hands is a trust for future generations.
What we do today, creates tomorrow."
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Earthday is Everyday! Art by Apollo



"Barely Global Warming"



30" X 40"



Acrylic on Canvas








Below you will find Links to some of the latest Events and over 300 images of Artwork by Apollo.



You will see paintings of Dolphins, Orca and Humpback Whales, Endangered Species, Tropical Reef Fish, Sea Turtles, Seals and Sea Lions,Seascapes, Waterfalls, Florals, Mountains and much more!



In additiond to Apollo's Enviromental Art you will also find over 300 images of Digital Art, Cyber Fusion, Abstract Art, and a wide array of Contemporary Paintings.





The Muse News- See Several Milestones in Apollo's Art Career





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endangered species save our world space art, sci fi images, computer art inexpensive small art dolphiun and whale posters and prints, limited edition gicl´ees


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Marine Art IIl


New paintings of Dolphins, Whales, Sea Turtles, and Reef Fish


Including the Greenpeace Series.



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Dolphin and Whale Murals

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 Do not confuse Apollo's Dolphin and

Whale Art with the artist Wyland-



Wyland why so many elements,

dolphin and whale poses, Fish and

coral looks like Apollo's work and

other artists as well. Does Wyland

Copy Other Artists?

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Dolphins and Whales


Tropical Waterfalls


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 Apollo the Artist that paints with Love










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Apollo's Paintings of Dolphins, Whales, and Endangered Species have been Showcased on the Internet since 1995. Apollo started painting dolphins, whales , tropical reef fish and mermaids in 1980 when he first moved to Maui, Hawaii. His imagery has been an inspiration to many including other Artists . Since the early 1980s Apollo has become one of the worlds favorite Hawaiian Artists. Apollo's Art has been published since 1973















All NEW 3D Cyber Images by the Artist Apollo





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Apollo's Dolphin Art and Whale Art has been Licensed by Fortune 500 Companies, Environmental Groups, Book Publishers , Product Manufactures, and the Miami Dolphins


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